• Activities your company is successful and you have a surplus?
  • Rhythm driving your business does not allow you to place money in the long term?
  • You want your company money were not only safe, but also offered a stable income, even in the short term?
  • You require banks not only interest, but also an individual approach to the timing of placement?

UPB offers a comfortable and convenient deposit product - deposit line "Flexible", which allows you to place an unlimited number of term deposits on one deposit.

You make a transfer of funds (tranches) in a deposit account: one - for a fixed period at a rate that is set for the term of placement tranche deposit "Deposit Line" flexible ". Thus, within a single deposit agreement can differentiate the total amount of funds allocated by the terms of their location and rates, thus achieving a balance between profitability and the ability to use operational funds and depriving ourselves of having every time when placing funds open new deposit accounts.

Term (days) Rate (UAH)
3-7 25%
8-10 25%
11-14 25%
15-21 23%
22-29 23%

Benefits to you:

  • Save time associated with registration deposit - once preparing documents, concluded with the bank on term bank deposit Deposit Line "flexible" continue, funds transferred without signing additional documents
  • The ability to predict their interest for the next month and place different amounts splanuvavshy their required payments under the current activity before the end of term placements
  • The ability to receive income even in small amounts, placing them in the shortest possible time
  • Opportunity in free mode to replenish a deposit account and carry out an early withdrawal
  • No restrictions on the minimum and maximum deposit replenishment

Deposit Line "Flexible" scheme is transparent document:

  • The best document in the contract of term deposit bank deposit line "Flexible"
  • A single deposit agreement for 1 year, no need for a year signing new contracts or additional agreements with each subsequent placing trashiv for a term of 3 to 29 days;
  • Funds placed on deposit by transferring individual tranches (Tranche - every single transfer of funds to the escrow account), enrollment which does not require additional procedures to the State Tax Inspectorate, as all tranches captured in a single deposit.
  • Upon expiration placement tranche tranche amount you get and the interest on your current account.

We understand that:

  • You need the individual conditions of service under term bank deposit "Deposit Line "Flexible ".
  • Cooperation with the bank should be mutually beneficial.

Parameter deposit "Deposit Line" Values
An attraction of deposit Legal persons - and individual - entrepreneur
Available that fit 
The deposit agreement
1 year
For raising funds on deposit in the framework of a prisoner 
deposit agreement
3-29 days
currency deposit UAH
Limit the amount of deposit The minimum balance on deposit - 1,00 UAH. The maximum deposit amount is unlimited
Percentage Published by the Bank at the Bank's official website at: http://upb.ua
Replenishment Permission is granted to an unlimited number of refills. Minimum amount - without any restrictions. Maximum amount - without any restrictions.
Prerequisite for replenishment Updating the deposit amount is done by placing on deposit accounts of individual tranches of mandatory assignment of payment in the invoice as follows: "#" digit "; Transfer of funds on deposit under the contract № ___ of _____, excl ", where" number "- a period of days, which is located tranche.
Method of Interest Interest paid on a monthly basis, on the last business day of the month and the day of the return of the deposit (tranche) to calculate the actual number of days in the month and the year. Calculation of interest on deposits (tranche) is the period allocation of funds from the day following the day of receipt of the deposit account to the date preceding the date of expiry of placing each deposit (tranche) (ie not captured day transfer of funds on deposit due date and expiration placing each deposit (tranche)), based on the interest rate set in accordance with the term of accommodation each deposit (tranche).
Method of interest payment Interest on deposits paid by the client along with the return of the deposit (tranche).
Early withdrawal of deposits Obtaining individual client deposits (tranche) before the expiry of its placement carried out with the consent of the Bank and subject to the direction of the Client letter demanding the early repayment of tranche no later than three (3) banking days. In case of repayment by the Bank to the Client a separate deposit (installment) interest is paid at a reduced rate of interest at a rate of 0.5% (zero point five percent) per annum for the entire period of the actual deposit (tranche) on deposit accounts.