• Is it safely to keep funds at the bank deposits?

    A deposit in a bank is one of the most reliable storage method of funds and receipt of stable profit. It is important that a bank where you plan to open a deposit had a long-term experience of work at the bank market and was able to return your money in time.

    For 19 years of blameless work the Ukrainian Professional Bank has acquired a reputation of reliable and responsible partner, which fulfills all obligations to clients timely and to the full extent. 

  • Are deposits in UPB are protected and how?

    UPB has been a permanent member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals since 2000. The sum of refund of deposits, including interests, at the expense of money of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals makes UAH 150 000.

  • What documents must be given to UPB from client-individual to open bank deposit?

    A client must give a passport and certificate from National Tax Inspectorate about appropriation of identification number. 

  • Can a client to effectuate a power of attorney on using a deposit by other person?

    A client can effectuate a power of attorney in UPB in the presence of depositee. 

    Depositee also must have a passport and certificate from National Tax Inspectorate about appropriation of identification number. 

    For making a power of attorney commission is free.

  • Will a rate change in case of re-issuance of deposit?

    Long-standing clients who make re-issuance of deposits, operating on the date of re-execution of an agreement 0, 5% added a rate annual. 

    How much should be paid for banking commission on payment for utility services? 

    The commission payment is 2, 00 UAH for each payment (utility services, telephone communication services, etc.) in the city of Kyiv. Other tariffs can be set up in regional branches. 

    Paying for utility services, telephone communication services for pensioners who opened pensionary card account in UPB commission - free. 

  • What international payment system does your bank work with?

    The bank works with the international payment system "Visa International". 

  • Where the ATM network of UPB is situated?

    Clients of UPB can use the network of ATMs of UPB and banks-partners which belongs to the UkrKart network it is more than 1300 ATMs all over Ukraine. 

    The network of ATMs UkrKart you can see on a UkrKart site. 

  • What size of commission do ATMs get for withdrawal cash?

    Cash withdrawal in the UPB network and banks-partners belonging to the UkrKart for the users of salary project, for pensioners, for the social aid recipients, and also for depositors who use the deposit cards - free of charge. 

    For other physical persons with payment cards - 0,6%, min. 1.00 UAH. 

    Cash withdrawal in the network of other banks of Ukraine - 1,5% + 5.00 UAH.

    Cash withdrawal in the network of other banks abroad - 1, 5% min. 4 USD. 

  • How to check a balance on bank card?

    UPB offers comfortable service for clients - M-banking. The M- banking system allows you to manage accounts by means of SMS and to get the information regarding changes on a card account. All commands of the M- banking system are executed as SMS-requests from a mobile telephone. 

    Commission for this service by means of the M- banking system makes 10 UAH – monthly. 

  • Is it possible to use the payment cards of the bank abroad?

    Payment cards of international payment system Heights, which issued UPB, can be used anywhere in the world.


  • What needs to be done in case of losing a payment card?

    It is needed to call urgently the following number: (044) 494-25-91 (free) or (044) 461-82-62 (Mon-Fri from 9.30 to 18.00, break 13: 00-14: 00) and to block the card. It is needed to give the second name or a number of the a payment card and the word password. For blocking the card from your account will be charged 5 UAH.

  • What needs to be done if ATM swallows a payment card?

    a) If ATM swallows a payment card UPB or card issued partner-bank UkrKart, it is needed: 

    • To specify, when collection of ATM which swallows a card will be; 
    • Come to the head office of UPB with passport and take a card 

    b) If ATM swallows a payment card of another bank (which does not belong to the UkrKart system), it is needed: 

    • Emitting bank should directed confirmation letter about returning of the card; 
    • Come to the head office of UPB with passport and take a card. 
  • Does the bank give credits without a mortgage?

    The bank allots credits under mortgage of real estate or movables. 

    Property can come forward a mortgage, on a purchase of which a credit is given out. 

  • What kind of international money transfers UPB work with?

    UPB works with international money transfers as: Western Union, Money Gram, Leader, Unistream, Lastochka and SOFT (throughout Ukraine). 

  • What is overdraft?

    Overdraft - is one of forms of short credit term credit. Bank has a right to carry out payment of payment documents over fund balance of current balance of borrower within the limits of the limit fixed by an agreement.