Changes in taxation of interest income on deposits
Dear customers!
We inform you that from 01 January 2015., Came into force Ukraine from 28.12.2014r. Number 71 VIII "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine (on tax reform)", under which included the following changes:      
  • The tax rate on "passive income", which including is accrued interest on current or deposit (deposit) bank account, set at 20% of the tax base, regardless of the amount of funds available on the account or deposit.
  • In addition, temporarily, until the entry into force of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to complete the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the military set fee of 1.5% of the tax object, which under Art. 163 CLE including as is "passive income".
Thus, the amount accrued 01.01.2015r. Interest on current / deposit / client account in the Bank is obliged to tax payments to the budget of Ukraine in the total amount of 21.5% of the tax base.